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Le Roti


Est. 2012

Le Roti was established in 2012 and acquired by Chef Paul Rowley in November 2020. When Le Roti became available Paul saw this as an opportunity to bring his wealth of experience to Lytham, expand on the already successful artisan food offering and add some exciting new food concepts.

Le Roti is originally the home of Lytham Gin so we stock a full range of Lytham Gin and Rum products.

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L’Historie of Le Roti

Long before the invention of modern ovens and cooking techniques…

…the French royal family had a unique tradition of roasting skewered meat on a spit,. This method, called Rotisserie, was usually practiced when Royal families hosted dinner parties in honour of their aristocratic guests.

The meat is cooked evenly by roasting it over the fire, the rotation ensures the juices and flavour are kept inside, enriching the final flavours of the meat and ensuring it stays moist and succulent.

There is now no need to travel to France or go back in time to the era of the French aristocrats to experience Rotisserie style cooking,

At Le Roti we offer chicken and other meats cooked with rotisserie style available on their own, as part of a family meal or served as sandwiches on Freshly Baked bread

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